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Do I need a doctor’s order to have an MRI at Mountain Medical?

Yes and here’s why: In the age of instant information, it might be tempting to want a MRI without consulting your doctor but Our Board Certified Radiologists coordinating with your physician assures the best possible care and optimal treatment plan. Your doctor has history about your health which helps our radiologists interpret your study more accurately. The radiologist’s report is sent back to your physician who is best qualified to create your treatment plan. This collaboration is smart health care

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What role does the radiologist play in my care?

Radiologists are medical doctors who are trained in diagnosing diseases and injuries using medical imaging procedures like MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Xray and more. Radiologists complement your primary care physician or specialist, they don’t replace them. This is why coordination of care is so critical. Our radiologists work with your referring physician and are often considered an important member of your health care team. Again, it’s just smart health care.

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When your doctor orders an MRI, CT scan or ultrasound ask to have it done at Mountain Medical Imaging. You’ll breathe easier knowing you kept more money in your pocket.

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