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Lives in Rural Area - Traveled to SLC
to Save $3,000

Penny lives in Moab and needed an MRI. She had not met her $5000 deductible and was responsible for all of the allowed charges. That amount was $3300 at a hospital near her. Thankfully her friend told her to check with Mountain Medical. When she learned the allowed amount was just $331, she gladly drove 225 miles to Murray and saved $3000. After her MRI, Penny took a fraction of her 90% savings to the Costco across the street and loaded up.

High Deductible - H.S.A. Plan
Saved $2,000

Adam needed an MRI and was referred to a hospital in Salt Lake. He had not met his deductible for the year. After calling his insurance and the hospital, he learned that he would be responsible for the full allowed amount of $2,750 because it would all be applied to his deductible. Adam also called Mountain Medical and discovered their allowed amount was only $741. Adam paid with his HSA and kept the $2,000 difference in his account for any future needs.

Out of Network Insurance - Used Self Pay Rates
Saved a lot!

David needed a CT and planned to go to a hospital that was a preferred provider of his insurance. Neither his insurance nor the hospital could give him the exact cost, but estimated it around $2,500. He knew he would be responsible for the entire amount since he had not met any of his $5,000 deductible. He asked Mountain Medical about their "self-pay" option if he didn't use his insurance. The amount was $310. David said, "I am willing to bet the $310 that I won't meet my deductible this year and I will be saving over $2,000!"

Traditional Insurance - Met Deductible
Could Have Saved - $350

Jennifer had a CT scan at a hospital in Ogden. She had already met her deductible for the year and her coinsurance was 20%. Her insurance paid the hospital the allowed amount of $2,152, which left $430.40 that she was responsible to pay. If she had come to Mountain Medical she could have saved $350. The allowed amount for the same exam would have been $412 making her responsible for just $82.40.

You are your own best advocate, so it pays to understand how your insurance plan works.

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